Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bridal Show Tips & Advice {Roseville Wedding Planner, Bridal Show}

Bridal Show 101!

Bridal shows are the mecca for newly engaged couples....I've seen my share of girls going all out with “bride-to-be” sashes with a matching bag and entourage shirts for all 7 of her bridesmaid that “had” to come to help her select vendors and then there's those girls that look WAY too young to even be getting married. Non-the-less here are a few tips if your planning on attending a bridal show.

#1 There will be other “bride's” there, so it's not just about your day. Be patient when meeting with potential vendors. If you have to wait your turn to ask questions or to get the attention of a potential vendor look at it as a good thing, that probably means that vendor has something that others like too and they may be someone worth the wait.

#2 Do your research. Look up vendors that showcased last year or if you're lucky are going to be in attendance this year. It gives you a sneak peek to see if the show is worth going to. If there are only two photographers and you weren't impressed by their websites than maybe save your time and money and go to the show next week or try a larger show with more variety and selections.

#3 Create a custom e-mail address. This allows your personal or work email to stay just that personal/work. It also allows for all wedding related business to be in one central location. Don't forget to check it though, besides bridal shows that's the best place to get deals is through those follow up emails vendors send.

#4 Check the website for a coupon or pre-register. It will save you money and sometimes it's even FREE!!

#5 Make pre-printed labels of your information. It's inevitable that you will be asked the key questions about your wedding. It saves you from getting writer's cramp and from repeating yourself 100 times throughout the day. This will also help the vendors know who is serious and who is not about attaining their information if you register with them. (If you're not interested it's better to just tell them upfront that way you don't have to dodge their calls later). Make sure to have: your names, wedding date, phone number, email address, and wedding location.

#6 Bring a pen and paper. Take good notes, be specific, cause there is no way you can remember it all. (personality, albums, display, prices, etc.) or even better bring a camera and capture what you liked, as long as it's know copyrighted by the vendor.

#7 Eat well and pack a snack and water. No one said finding a good vendor was easy so it's better to be prepared with a full stomach and water to stay hydrated, after all it usually takes at least an hour to weed your way through the crowd. We won't tell that you have your emergency Snicker's in your purse, just in case.

#8 Save your self time and energy. Know which vendors you need and which you do not. It's better to stay focused on the prize that to look at all the shiny things along the way.

#9 Wear comfy shoes and layer. You will be walking and on your feet for a length of time. No need to bring out the winter coat, after all you have to carry what you take off.

#10 Bring an entourage. If it's a large show and you get overwhelmed you can have them talk to vendors while you grab a snack and some water to recuperate. You may also need help holding “the bag” of goodies you'll receive of vendor information.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Carvahlo Family Winery Night of Unique Elegance

I had a great time at the Night of Unique Elegance at the Old Sugar Mill.

I met lots of new vendors and shared time with some old friends.

My newest best friend, Audrey Chaney of Bontanica Floral Designs the cutest flower rings!!!!

She was giving them away to brides but I begged her for one. I wore it all the next day at my Open House at my home as welll cause I just couldn't get over how adorable they were. Don't you worry though, I have pictures!!!!

The flowers were kermit mums with a cute rhinestone in the middle and fun ajustable wire rings to hold it all together.

Here are pics from the next day...couldn't resist!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winner of the 2010 Bride's Choice Awards {Roseville Wedding Planner Award}

 Associated Press

Roseville, CA – 1/20/2010 - WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, just announced Conway Creations and Events has been selected to receive the 2010 Bride’s Choice Awards™ for Wedding Planning!

The annual Bride’s Choice Awards™ recognizes and celebrates excellence in quality and service within the wedding industry, as determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over 500,000 newlyweds.

Conway Creations and Events is among the top five percent of all vendors in the WeddingWire community, which includes over 100,000 wedding professionals across the US and Canada. Awards were given to winners across 19 different service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers.

“We are excited to recognize and honor the success of the top wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Community” said Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “The annual Bride’s Choice Awards™ program has given us the unique opportunity to highlight the best wedding professionals in each region as reviewed by brides and grooms who have utilized their services in the past year.”

We are happy to announce that Conway Creations and Events is among the very best Wedding Planner within the WeddingWire Network, which includes WeddingWire and Martha Stewart Weddings. We would like to thank our past newlyweds for nominating us for the 2010 Bride’s Choice Awards™.

For more information, please visit our WeddingWire Storefront today at WeddingWire.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Check out this awesome color combo and the impact it has!!

2010 Color of The Year? Drumroll, Please....

...Pantone Tells Us Turquoise!
Brides, if there is one reliable source when it comes to predicting the hottest wedding colors, you know you can definitely count on Pantone. For the year of 2010, Pantone has chosen turquoise as it's top color! Whimsical, breezy and beautiful spells out this calming shade of love...wouldn't you say?

(Photo credits ~ Top: Etsy sellers TimelessPaper, MidwestFinds and Kainkain. Middle: Etsy sellers icing101 and redbirdink. Bottom: Etsy seller BionicUnicorn, Dessy style 2800 and Pantone Turquoise.)

Pantone notes, "For brides wanting a flattering choice for attendant apparel and accessories on their big day, Turquoise is now one of the nearly 200 PANTONE WEDDING Colors available from Dessy, a leading manufacturer of bridesmaid, social occasion and flower girl dresses, as well as destination wedding gowns under the labels Dessy Collection, After Six, Alfred Sung, Lela Rose Bridesmaid and Sandals Destination Wedding Dresses." - Pantone

Happy color coordinating!

By Jaime on Dec 15, 2009