Monday, August 30, 2010

Announcing a NEW Instructor for Lovegevity's Wedding Planning Institute {Roseville and Sacramento Wedding Planner}


Lovegevity's Wedding Planning Institute Graduate Takes Next Step from Business Owner to Instructor 

Roseville, Calif. - Aug. 30, 2010 - The Lovegevity's Wedding Planning Institute is excited to announce the newest venture for Nicole Conway, who will become an instructor of wedding and event-planning certification through LWPI at Yuba Community College. Nicole will be teaching aspiring students how to become successful wedding planners while also giving them the hands on experience and exposure to lots of different types of local wedding vendors.

Nicole is a full-time wedding planner, she received her certification from The Wedding Planning Institute in 2007 and instantly began her career. In 2009 she expanded her company to not only offer Wedding and Event Coordination, but they also do Event Staffing for venues or private residence that do not offer staff for an event. 
In 2010 her company Conway Creations and Events was honored to receive Wedding Wire's 2010 “Bride's Choice Award”.
Her company has coordinated numerous events of various sizes, budgets and styles and clients love working with Nicole because she sincerely cares about them. She listens carefully to understand her clients' desires and utilizes her vast resources and exceptional coordination and organizational skills to help bring their visions to life. She also understands the busy lives that couples lead today and so she focuses heavily on the convenience factor for them by making herself available via phone and e-mail at all times.

Nicole is creative-minded and driven and always welcomes the next big challenge life has to bring. She loves sharing in the most important day of people's lives-from the moment one gets engaged to the cans rolling behind the limo!! Her goal with couples is to make the planning process about them and their life together.

What does Nicole like the most about being a Wedding Planner? "Definitely the dream come true that I helped to create."
Nicole currently lives in Roseville, CA with her husband and two children (their two spunky cats!!).

To learn more about Conway's classes at Yuba Community College, contact her at (916) 782-3831 or Interested students can enroll in her class at

 About The Wedding Planning Institute:
The Wedding Planning Institute, a division of Inc., is the industry leader in certification and training for wedding and event professionals. LWPI has established an academic network of nearly 2,000 colleges and universities in the United States, as well as a network of international colleges offering LWPI's Wedding and Event Planning Certification. Established in 1997 by Cho Phillips, LWPI was founded with the sole purpose of providing an academic career path for aspiring wedding and event planners. In addition to an online curriculum, students can attend classes at a local college or university and learn from an established Wedding/Event Planner who has been in business in the local market for a minimum of five years. Students get hands-on training, assist at real weddings/events, meet with guest speakers such as local vendors, and attend site/venue tours. Upon graduation, LWPI students are positioned to join an existing business, participate in non-paid internships, receive job-placement assistance, or start their own business.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Newest Conway Creations Couple {Roseville and Sacramento Wedding and Event Planner}

David & Leslie are to be wed at UC DAVIS on a beautiful fall day in October

About the bride

Leslie was born in Vallejo, CA and grew up enjoying soccer, ballet, camping, and family road trips. She moved to Davis, CA at 13 where she met many of her wonderful friends and David. At Davis High, Leslie ran cross country and track and after graduating, she headed to UC Santa Barbara to pursue a degree in Biopsychology and run for the Gauchos. Following UCSB, her love for the beach and sun lead her to San Diego, where she is currently in her third year as a doctoral student in bioorganic chemistry at San Diego State.

About the groom

David was born in Sacramento, CA just east of Davis. He was raised in Davis and enjoyed playing football and rugby. He went to UC San Diego where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering while playing rugby for the Tritons. After graduating from UCSD, David traveled/backpacked around the world for five months visiting New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Nepal, Spain, Morroco, and Amsterdam. He returned to San Diego and is currently working as a mechanical engineer designing cameras for electron microscopes.

How we met

We met in January of eighth grade in Leslie's English class, she had just moved to Davis a few weeks earlier. David wasn't enrolled in that class, but most of his friends were in it so he ended up there often. Even though we both liked each other, it took us six months of writing letters and a lot of coaxing from friends to actually talk to each other. We’ve been dating on and off for the past 12 years. We’re currently living in sunny San Diego and in our limited amount of free time we enjoy camping, playing tennis, backpacking, watching football, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and playing with our little pug dog, Billy. 


Monday, August 9, 2010

Fancy Pants Weddings Re-Blog Post {Roseville and Sacramento Wedding Planner}

Great post from Fancy Pants Weddings


The care and feeding of wedding vendors

You have hired the best of best Northern California wedding professionals to work on your wedding.  You are paying them very well.  Then you hear you have to feed them too??  What?  Yes!  Feed me Seymour!
Photographers and videographers will be working with you 6-10 hours on your wedding day.  When was the last time you worked at your job for 6-10 hours with no break and no food?  You want your pros to have the energy to capture that great shot of your Grandma doin’ the twist on the dance floor.  You want your DJ to be thinking about how to keep your party going rather than how fast he can get out of there and hit the drive-thru.
Who: You should feed any vendors that have been working more than 6 hours and/or through the dinner hour.  This usually includes: Photographer, DJ, Band, Wedding Planner, Videographer and their assistants.
Double check the contract.  If the vendor requires a meal, it should say so in their contract. When in doubt, ask them.
What: You should feed the professionals working for you a HOT meal, NOT a boxed meal. They have been working hard! Please do not feed the people in charge of making wedding magic happen a crappy, stale sandwich, bag of chips and a Capri Sun.  They will need more fuel to recharge their creative juices.
When doing some research for this article I read on the “…Remember that your caterers will make more food than is needed “just in case,” so there will likely be plenty for your wedding professionals to munch on…Don’t worry about it too much.   Just mention it to whoever will be in charge of the food, and trust them to provide.”  No, no, no!  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  You need to plan for your vendor’s to eat.  So talk to your caterer and make sure you provide for your professionals.


Some wedding venues and caterers are better than others at taking care of the wedding professionals.  Regardless, you are hosting an event and as such should be in charge of making sure everyone, including vendors, are taken care of.
When: Have your vendors fed early in the dinner hour.  The earlier they are fed the faster they can get back to their jobs.  Do not let the venue tell you they will feed your pros “whatever is left over” after the guests have eaten.  By the time all the guests have been served, your wedding professionals should be getting back to the action.
Also check with your pros to see if they have any dietary restrictions or allergies and relay that information to the venue or caterer.
Where: Ideally, your vendors should be seated at a table of their own within ear shot of the reception.  If there is not a separate area where they can take a break, set up a vendor table in the corner or towards the back of the room.  They need to be able to hear what is happening so they will know if they are needed to deal with an issue or capture a moment.

In the end, it comes down to common sense and decency.  Just be a good host and treat the professionals working for you as you would like to be treated.

Thanks to Sarah Maren*, Memory Journalists and Kris Holland* for the images.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Newest Conway Creations Couple {Roseville and Sacramento Wedding and Event Planner}

Meet Michelle and Jai 

To be wed on beautiful Fall day in October

How they met

Michelle and Jai met in the summer of 2004 where they took a Recreation and Leisure class together at Sacramento State University. They had to do a group project and started hanging out outside of class. They developed a friendship and then their relationship began.

The Proposal

Jai proposed to Michelle on October 20, 2009 after being with each for approximately 5 years. Jai and Michelle have been talking about marriage but Michelle didn't know exactly when Jai was planning to propose. The morning before Jai proposed, he told Michelle that he had a surprise for her. Since Michelle's birthday was coming soon, Michelle thought Jai had an early birthday surprise for her. Later that night, Jai took Michelle out to a nice dinner by the river in Sacramento. Michelle noticed right away that Jai was not acting like himself and was extremely nervous. After dinner, they went back home. When Michelle opened the door, she was surprised to find rose petals all over the floor, candles lit, and dozens of red roses all around the house with romantic music playing in the background. Michelle followed the candles which led to the living room where Jai gave her a card to read. After Michelle was done reading the card, Jai went down on his knees and proposed his love to Michelle. He asked her to marry him and Michelle of course said yes!!!